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Although rhinoplasty, which is also referred to as a nose job, is commonly performed, it is surprising to find out that people are largely misinformed about it. It is important that you get adequate information about rhinoplasty surgery. This will allow you to hire the most qualified surgeon. From the information, you will get to know about the limits of rhinoplasty and what you should expect from it. The following is what you need to know about this procedure.

It is about function and form

There are surgeries for the nose, like septoplasty, which will specifically be confined to the treatment of the functionality of the nose. Septoplasty treats crooked noses while surgery of sinus treats problems related to the sinus cavities of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery, however, can be employed to carry out the functions of both of these surgical procedures.

It can enhance the appearance of your nose

By undergoing a nose job, you can improve the appearance of your nose. This can be achieved through the reduction or increment of the nose size, through the removal of a hump or filling in of a divot. Apart from these procedures, which are aimed at correcting the form of the nose, there are others, which are specifically confined to the correction of faulty functionality such as faulty breathing, which may be the result of birth defect or an injury.

It is a challenging surgical procedure

As common as it is, rhinoplasty surgery is not easy. This is courtesy of the fragile nature and size of the nose and its passages. Therefore, it is important to hire a skilled professional so that the outcome of the nose job will be good and as natural as possible. It is therefore vital to hire a nose job surgeon who is experienced and who specializes in performing this procedure. This will significantly reduce the risk of complications.

It is customizable

Usually, there are numerous ways to perform a nose job because this procedure can be customized. The surgical expert can modify the procedure to meet your preferences. He or she may combine rhinoplasty and septoplasty or sinus surgery and a nose job. The surgeons may also perform an open nose job as opposed to a closed rhinoplasty surgery. You can also choose what alterations you wish made to your nose for various reasons such as maintenance of ethnic identity and complementing the other facial features among others.

Minimal scarring is involved

It does not matter whether you undergo open or closed rhinoplasty surgery, scarring of the nose tissue should not be a concern as it is minimal. The surgeon ensures this by making his incisions in the inside of the nose, leaving the scars on the inside too. In the case of an open surgery, the scar forms below the partition which divides the nostrils. The scar is therefore nearly invisible once you heal.

Health is a major factor for a successful outcome

The surgeon will go over your medical history with you prior to performing the surgical procedure since your health is a principal factor in ensuring the success. Some medical conditions can further complicate the already delicate surgical procedure. However, you do not have to be in perfect health for you to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, but it is recommended.

Insurance may cover it

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover procedures, which are performed purely for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, you will most definitely have to pay for the service with your own money if you are undergoing a nose job to change the appearance of your nose. However, insurance companies make exceptions for this procedure, as long as it is performed for a genuine medical reason that is absolutely necessary. An example is reducing the size of enlarged turbinates or to enhance breathing. You should therefore consult with your insurance provider to know whether it will provide coverage for this procedure.

The results are not always perfect

You should also consider the fact that a nose job may not provide perfect results. The healing process may come with various unforeseen changes and that is why a quarter of all nose job surgeries are usually a redo of previous work. However, surgeons do not recommend a second operation meant to correct minor deficiencies. If you are considering undergoing a revision, you should discuss about it with your surgeon before deciding.


Many people who have disfigured noses can improve their appearance by opting to undergo a nose job. Those with reconstructed noses that are nearly perfect should not try to have any further surgical procedure performed. You should enlighten yourself further about the positive effects of rhinoplasty surgery through consultations with a competent surgeon like Dr Michael Zacharia.



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