Saturday, June 15, 2019

As the popularity of the Crossfit movement grows around the country, more and more people are looking to use quality equipment in their local gyms. The truth is that a lot of the weight lifting racks are quite cheaply produced and are composed of inferior materials. In fact, some of the steel products coming out of China are not as strong as they should be because they have had cheaper materials added to them to cut down manufacturing costs.

Using cheap steel and cheap construction methods should never be an option when talking about commercial weight lifting racks at gyms or at home. The last thing you want is for the bolts to suddenly pop out of the rack, or for the tube steel to bend when you’re in the middle of a bench press.

The Advantage of Quality Racks

The major advantage of using top quality weight lifting racks is that they are made of superior materials and construction. In fact, some of the best brands use a 3mm thickness steel tubing in construction, whereas inferior brands use thinner steel. Clearly, when talking about weight lifting, the thicker tube steel construction is better and is not likely to bend or break in use.

The Benefits of Weight Lifting and Crossfit Training

It would be a mistake to think that weight lifting is just for bodybuilders. In fact, studies have shown that older men who take up weight lifting build muscle mass quickly, and gain other important benefits, including:

  • Balance: Weight lifting is great for strengthening core muscle groups. Not only does this contribute to overall strength, but it also promotes better and more flexible body movement and balance. This is an advantage at any age.
  • Strength: The obvious advantage to taking up weight training is that it develops overall body strength. The synchronised movement of many muscle groups during exercises like squats and deadlifts promotes stronger muscle and enhances flexibility.
  • Heart health: During high intensity workouts, the heart is working at an elevated pace. This not only improves overall fitness and stamina, but also improves the health of your heart. Even a gentle fitness routine for the elderly can lead to great heart health benefits.
  • Social: Perhaps surprisingly, one of the key benefits of training at your local gym is meeting new people and making new friends. Crossfit training, in particular, encourages a real team culture that is supportive and motivating. Often, these people can become an integral part of your life.

Perhaps the major benefit of doing any gym-based exercise is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle. If you are the sort of person who eats fast food, getting into a regular weight lifting or Crossfit training program will likely cause you to throw away those fast food burgers and eat something wholesome! Once changes like this become a habit, a happier and healthier lifestyle follows.


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