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Car accidents are a major possibility on the road no matter how careful you are. Sometimes, the slightest error can cause a crash and place responsibility on your lap. It’s important to have the insurance necessary to take care of your own medical expenses, but in this case, you’ll need a little extra.

When it comes to paying for other people’s injuries in the accident, you’ll need bodily injury coverage. This will allow the other parties to make a physical recovery, as well as deal with any mental or emotional damage from the incident. This guide aims to let you know what bodily injury includes.

Medical expenses

When it comes to auto accidents, the most likely cost that will come out of someone’s pocket is for medical expenses. They can vary from something as small as a few cuts and bruises to a concussion or broken limb. It helps to collect photo evidence of the injuries suffered in the accident, along with the exact causes, to ensure you’re not paying for something you didn’t do.

Talking to a professional such as a Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer will help you figure out the best ways to validate injuries, as well as figure out any additional medical expenses that may  come your way. They may include extra visits to the hospital, depending the severity of the injuries, as well as crutches, wheelchairs, and other tools needed to get around.

Loss of income

Another cost that you may be responsible for in this situation is a loss of income, which bodily injury insurance is extremely helpful for. Broken arms and legs can get in the way of the victim’s ability to not only travel on their own, but perform the basic functions of their job. If you’re unlucky enough, their job may require them to move around a lot and lift heavy material.

The time that they spend away from their job because of rehab will also get in the way of their ability to make a living and support themselves and their families. The longer this period takes, the more you are likely going to have to pay, though bodily injury coverage can lessen that effect on your wallet.

Pain and suffering

One form of compensation that may be a little harder to figure out compared to the others is pain and suffering, as the mental and emotional trauma that can come from a car accident may vary depending on the damage and the people involved. While the victim could heal from some physical injuries quickly, others may stick around and make day-to-day life difficult in some way, which can lead to a great deal of stress.

The depression that can come from not being able to do one’s job or engage in fun activities with friends and family can be hard to recover from. Handling this trauma may require additional visits to the hospital, which could lead to more costs for you.

Legal fees

No matter how serious the victim’s injuries prove to be, you should be prepared for them to file a lawsuit against you. This form of insurance will assist you in handling such a cost, which could stem from not only the severity of the injuries they suffer, but complications with work and everyday life we mentioned above. Chances are that legal fees will be among the most expensive, especially if the case takes weeks or months to settle.

To ensure honesty among all parties, the health information exchange between you and the victim(s) should include every injury and all proof so that the court costs are what they should be. Providing phone numbers, emails, and other forms of communication will make it easier to end the matter without hard feelings.

Funeral costs

The worst case scenario in a car accident is that someone loses their life, but bodily injury coverage will be available if that is the case for you. Funeral costs include preparations, the burial, the casket, and transportation of the remains to the funeral home. There will also be basic costs, such as planning, sheltering the remains, coordinating the cemetery arrangements, and obtaining necessary permits as well as copies of death certificates.

Equipment that you’ll be able to pay for include the limousine, outer burial container, alternative container, and other tools needed for a graveside service. Staff will also be needed to be paid for this service. However, funeral fees do not include flowers, monuments, or markers, and cremations may also affect how much you’ll need to pay.


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