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When you turn 30, your body changes naturally, but some of these changes might be caused by a health problem. Aging gracefully is what all women want but it’s difficult to achieve this if you are going through an illness. Making yourself healthy is very important. Living a healthy lifestyle will help you live a happier and more comfortable life as well. You have to be careful with what you eat and what you do. You also may consider going to a fertility clinic in Singapore to get yourself checked out. Here are some types of cancers that most women get as they turn to 30:


Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is often caused by a sexually transmitted disease called HPV or human papilloma viruses. It will be difficult for your body to fight HPV if you conceived a few times, or are smoking, drinking alcohol and have multiple sexual partners. When HPV is not overcome by your body, it leads to cervical cancer. Having a regular pap smear screening will help you detect and fight the disease. The cancer cells might take a few years before it fully develops so taking regular pap smear tests will help you avoid having cervical cancer.

Endometrial Cancer

The lining of the uterus becomes thicker when there is too much estrogen. According to studies, the increase of estrogen is a contributor to endometrial cancer. Though it is not yet very clear what really causes it, it would help if you make an effort to maintain your estrogen levels. At the early stage of endometrial cancer, a pelvic exam will be able to help you fight off the disease.

Ovarian Cancer

The cause of this cancer is not yet very clear as of now, which is why the number of women having the disease is increasing. Usually, older women are affected by this disease but now more and more women are suffering from this illness in recent years. Most people find out that they have ovarian cancer when it is already at an advanced stage. It is difficult to tell if you have this disease since the symptoms will not show up until it has already progressed. The chance of curing the disease is higher though if it’s detected at an early stage.

Lung Cancer

Women have weaker respiratory systems than men. A lot of women can have lung cancer even though they are not smoking. One reason for lung cancer is smoking of course, but for women it could be different reasons. It would be best if lung cancer is detected at an early stage since it will be easier to treat. You should be aware of what you feel and seek the help of a doctor once you notice some symptoms. Surgery and chemo therapy are just a few treatment options for lung cancer.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer often occurs in women when they reach the age of 30. You should regularly check for breast lumps, especially during your menstrual period. A mammogram is a screening to find out if you have breast cancer cells infecting your breast. Regular mammogram screenings in a fertility clinic in Singapore will be able to help you detect breast cancer at an early stage. The earlier you detect the disease, the better chance of curing it. The survival rate of women with breast cancer is increasing.


Skin Cancer

This cancer can be deadly. Women who are exposed to the sun most of the time have a higher chance of getting skin cancer. Women apply different types of skin products that can cause skin cancer as well. Once you experience skin problems, it is best to see a specialist since it will give you an early warning if skin cancer cells is developing in your skin. Surgical lymph node biopsy is one way to treat skin cancer.

These types of cancer can happen to anyone, but especially to women at the age of 30 and up. You shouldn’t ignore symptoms. Seek immediate help when you encounter a problem. Seeking a doctor’s advice is the best way for you to keep yourself healthy. Start living a healthy lifestyle and get enough exercise. Eat healthy food and get plenty of rest. Avoid stress. Enjoy your life while you are young but make sure that you will still enjoy it when you grow old.


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