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Most of the couples always consider surrogacy as an alternative method of having their children. It could be that they have a medical problem that can’t support their own pregnancy or just as a choice. They are therefore faced with a huge task of seeking for the surrogate mothers. Luckily enough there are those women who are willing to be surrogate mothers hence making the task easier. Also the ability of sperm and egg donors highly reduces its complexity. Below are steps to follow for successful surrogacy.

Identifying the type of surrogacy

The major step to consider before surrogacy is to identify the type of surrogacy you will apply as couple. You may decide to use the full surrogacy method. This is achieved when the embryo is created by your own sperm and egg. More over the sperm of the father can be used to fertilize the egg from a third party donor. Also still in the full or gestation surrogacy, both the egg and the sperm could come from third parties donors. You can also decide to use the Partial surrogacy whereby the sperm of the father is fused with the egg of the surrogate mother through artificial insemination.

Analyzing the surrogate mother

Before surrogacy is performed it is the duty of the couples assisted by the doctors to analyze the Surrogate mother. You should consider the ability of the surrogate mother to be pregnant. Also the age of the surrogate is of great importance. If both the egg and the sperm are donated from third parties, it is vital to consider the quality of the genes. The age of the egg donor plays a major role in determining the success of the pregnancy. The surrogate mother could be your friend but it is wise to confirm her family background, physical and psychological health.

Possible complications

There could arise some of the complications during pregnancy. The doctors may discover possible defects of the unborn child therefore the decision making on whether to continue or terminate the pregnancy can be a huge challenge. In some instances the surrogate mothers have developed strong affinity to the child especially if their egg was used therefore giving the baby to the couples can be a challenge. Several medical complications have been witnessed. The implant can be so infectious hence leading to miscarriage. Since the embryos are implanted more than once, it can lead to twins or triplets further complicating the matter if it was not discussed.

Legal advisory

It is worth noting that commercial surrogacy is prohibited in some States and Countries. However if the Surrogacy is legal it is advisable to enter into a contract with the surrogate mother. You can choose your own legal advisor. The contract being drafted should be compatible with the laws of that state. To avoid future legal problems, the surrogate mother should be willing to abandon all her maternal rights through a signature.

Surrogacy is on the rise despite of the major challenges it is facing. You could select your friend or relative but still it is wise to consider the above factors. Psychological health and level of preparedness should be highly considered. When the above factors in selecting the surrogate mother are considered, the level of having a successful child delivery highly increases.


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