Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Any illness is much difficult to handle in children than in adults; same is the case with the mental impairment known as Schizophrenia. In this the child undergoes all the same symptoms and hardships like the adult but it is tougher for them to cope with the situation. The age group of 13 to 17 years is termed as the adolescent age. During this time, there are innumerable changes in the child both physical and hormonal. This is the reason the adolescents at this stage, normally behave a little differently, socially and even at home.

They find it difficult to fit into any group and are extremely conscious of their being at this time. Basically, it is a stage of metamorphosis, which the children go through not very smoothly. Now added to this if a child has to be the victim of such a dreaded mental illness then the situation becomes worse. It is because; the symptoms do not appear very clearly for the guardians to become aware of.

For instance, the general symptom of any Schizophrenics patient is to shy away from people and stay by themselves, and in case of children, they have a tendency to tag onto their parents. Now if the child is an adolescent, the regular behavior and the symptoms seem to overlap, thereby making it difficult to decipher. It is hence that if there is any doubt regarding the behavior of the adolescent or child that comes to the notice of the guardian, they should immediately seek the advice of a psychiatrist.

Jonathan Lauter is a highly recommended name in the field of psychiatry who specializes in clinical neuro-development. He has been in this profession for more than three decades and therefore, there is no need to mention the kind of experience he must have gathered over so many years. Of course, he tends to other mental problems too, but treating the children especially is what he is known for.

The delusions and hallucinations that are experienced by the adult patients of this mental disorder are also experienced by the younger lot, but unfortunately they are not able to handle things such as these. Imagining characters and talking to them is another symptom of Schizophrenia. Because of all these a very obvious outcome is the lack of interest in studies. The child is hardly able to concentrate on anything that is being taught or even told.

It becomes even more difficult for the guardian of the suffering child when the behavior pattern keeps on shifting. The fight with this illness becomes much more tiresome to handle then, as you are unaware of how to deal with it. It is hence that Jonathan Lauter expert psychiatrist says that children are very delicate, just like flowers, and hence they should be handled with ultimate care and love. He actually believes and even instructs his students to consider any patient with any kind of mental illness with heightened levels of patience, love and care. This is thus, that along with the anti-psychosis medication, doctors often prescribe therapies for the patients in which the family is involved deeply.


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