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If you are talking about swimming, then always remember, “you’re only one swim away from a good mood”. This should be the biggest mood lifter for people having a bad day and the only solution to start feeling up and running is to hit the swimming pool. Swimming is touted to be one of the most exciting sports because it improves your health even when you are enjoying a good splash. The best bit about swimming is the fact that you are working out to get rid of the extra calories even without feeling the sweat. Hence, fitness freaks conclude that swimming is the best way to stay fit and maintain a toned figure without even feeling like you have made an effort.

Swimming might be a great form of exercise, but to be good at this sport is a different ball game all together. There is a lot of hard work that goes into being great at this sport to give contenders stiff competition. As long as you are enjoying your swim to stay fit, its fine. But when the intention shifts to being a great swimmer, then you need to master certain other techniques as well. The crucial technique would be to improve your stamina and strength. Working towards that requires hitting the gym and maintaining a strict diet. Remember the strength training tips that we will talk about now:

  • Tricep Muscles – The tricep muscles are commonly known as the tri muscles which cover the back portion of your upper arm opposite to your biceps. Tricep muscles are important which help in finishing your pull in the freestyle strokes, butterfly strokes and the backstrokes. Learning these strokes is important but in order to be a great swimmer, you need to perfect the strokes and be ahead of others. That is possible only when you work out in the gym to increase your stamina and muscle strength. You need sufficient strength in order to complete the pull otherwise you need to add more strokes that would eventually slow down your pace.
  • Pectoral Muscles – Pectoral muscles is a fancy term used to describe the chest muscles and they are also known as the “pecs”. The chest muscles have an integral part and contribute in improving the breaststrokes and the freestyle strokes. Improving the strength of your pectoral muscles help you to stabilize the freestyle and the breaststrokes. This stability helps you to be faster than your contemporary swimmers. Bench pressing is considered to be the best exercise to improve the strength of your chest muscles.
  • Core Muscles – Your abs are considered to be your core muscles helping you stabilize your body and position yourself well in water. If your abs are not strong enough, you will find it difficult to hold on to yourself in water for a long time. Stronger abs indicate that you will be able to stay hydrodynamic throughout your swim. This will eventually make you stay efficient in water while you are swimming. In order to make your core muscles strong, you need to exercise harder and stay in the gym longer. Working on your abs is quite a challenge and the most difficult part of exercising.
  • Push-Ups – Push-ups are an effective exercise that gives you strength around your arms. The basic idea behind swimming is to push the water back so that you can move forward. Make sure your arms have sufficient strength and that can be achieved through push-ups. Get in touch with a health trainer when planning to practice push-ups because your hands take the entire body weight during the exercise. So, the number of push-ups you need to do every day and the pace with which it should go up needs to be addressed.
  • Squats – Squats are considered to be an effective exercise to improve your hamstring muscles, trunk and calf muscles. These muscles play an important role to help you move forward swiftly and at a rapid pace. Strength in these muscles help to swim faster and be a good swimmer.

Providing the right swimming lessons is crucial to bring out the best in all swimmers. So make sure you enjoy the privilege of learning great swimming lessons. Thankfully, Missouri has some of the best swimming classes and they bring out the best in all swimmers. So make sure you get the training from the right place. Don’t just restrict yourself to good swimming lessons, but work out in the gym too.


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