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You have chronic back pain and your doctor has advised you to wear a back brace. You are not the only one who is experiencing back pain. According to a health science report more than 80% of Americans suffer from back problems during their lifetime. There are many reasons responsible for back pain. This may have triggered by lifting a heavy object, a strenuous activity or while gardening. Women experience the same problem when they bend down to pick a spoon or anything which is fallen. When people get down to pick up the things, then their back gives out. This is common with those people who don’t have strong back muscle.

With the right combination of physical activity and strengthening exercises you can improve your situation significantly. Here are a couple of things to help alleviate back pain. You can also visit

Limit Your Bed Rest

You are supposed to limit your rest time, studies have shown that people who are taking more rest, feel more pain. This is in comparison to those guys who spend less time in bed. Mike Flippin is an orthopedic surgeon advises his patients to get moving as soon as possible.

Keep Exercising

Exercising is like a therapy when you are suffering from back pain. In case you are unable to do stretching or other difficult exercises, then go for simple exercises like walking or cycling. Simple exercises will strengthen your back muscles. This will also help you to improve your posture and sit in an upright position. When you are experiencing back pain, never do exercises in a hurry and do not indulge in heavy exercises also. You are supposed to stay away from those activities which are responsible for your back pain till you become hundred percent fit for them.

Importance of Good Posture

Most of the people cannot understand the importance of maintaining good posture. They argue that it all started when they were working out at the gymnasium. These guys are unaware that the strain which caused this pain may be the result of improper posture. Poor posture will put unnecessary strain on your back muscle. You can minimize the pressure on your back by avoiding improper technique of bending and improper posture.

Consult a Specialist

You are not supposed to take your back pain for granted. You need to consult a specialist for this chronic back pain. We all have different muscles and some patients need specific strengthening exercises for their back to improve flexibility. Your physical therapist will design an exercise plan as per your requirements.

Improving the Flexibility

Too much of tightness or tension in your muscle may be the factor responsible behind your back pain. Your physical therapist will increase flexibility in your hamstring. You need to do hamstring stretches two times a day for maximum benefits. Consult experienced physical therapy staff for relieving and pay a visit to

Sleep the Right Way

It is important to take proper rest and while resting your position matters a lot. Sleeping in an improper way or on a mattress which is not giving proper support to your lower back muscle may be the reason behind your back pain. People who are sleeping on their stomach may experience neck strain and undue stress on the back.


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