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Ok, so you are stocked up. You just had your protein and even some amino acids and may be a good ZMA for your pre workout meal. Although you’ve read a lot about workout supplement timings, you still wonder whether you should take protein shakes with your pre workout to gain some additional benefits. We can feel your thinking!

For us, any little thing that gets you toward progress should be done! And, with that being said, it’s good that you are wondering and thinking about this. Let’s discuss more about it, as the answer to this question is not absolute. It requires some awareness.

Increased Recovery Is The Motivation Behind Taking Protein Shakes With Pre workout

Are you taking protein with your pre workout to gain more muscle. Granted, but this may be because you feel hungry before working out. Let’s assume the reason to build more muscle and burn more fats.

You may be knowing, muscle is built from the amino acids you take in and protein is the best and most common source of amino acids. Get pre workout shakes from Vitaloid in your shaker cup to build muscle in your physique, but it may take some time. The whole process consists of taking in protein, digesting it in your stomach and intestines for a minimum of 1-2 hours and alienating BCAAs and singular amino acids which then must absorb in your blood stream, get delivered and then be utilized. Yes, this takes a good time!!

So, it is wise to deduce that consuming protein shakes before working out is beneficial since delivery will occur more speedily than the post workout supplementation. Hey, hold on, not so fast… there are some more factors to consider.

Eating Too Much Before Workout May Reduce Performance

Well, if you eat food, it needs to be digested and digestion takes lot of energy. Moreover, the digestion of protein is the most energy intensive and the process of digestion can occupy almost 25% of your blood supply. This means, if you eat more then go hit the gym because your muscles are getting less oxygen and nutrients than at the peak performance.

Follow These Tips Off When Taking Protein And Amino Acids Before Workout or With Your Pre Workout Supplement

If you’re taking protein before your workout, you’ve got to keep it light. Consuming more than 20 grams of protein can become too much. Even 20 grams may be too much but it actually depends on your size. And, low carb protein or whey isolate supplements can be the ideal ones.

Taking protein shakes during pre workout is the most affordable way to get the muscle building nutrition earlier. But if it is possible for you, switching over to amino acids can offer a lighter process and deliver great results. For example, Consuming 20 grams of whey protein allots roughly 30 grams of the ‘stuff’ which will go into your body; and an amino acid supplement would make a total of less than 10 grams roughly. Additionally, if you take amino acid supplement that’s loaded with leucine, the most anabolic amino acid, it can help you get better results.

Concluding, whether you go for taking protein or amino acid pre workout or with your pre workout, it’s still very important to have a strong post workout recovery game. It is recommended to have 30-40 grams of whey protein post workout for the pinnacle of recovery and then having a full meal about an hour later. This will give you the best results.


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