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Those sticks that can be easily picked with your fingers also easily take advantage of your body when used. Cigarettes have been around for centuries and have been an increasing problem for the society since it not only jeopardizes the smoker itself, but it also affects those who are around the smoking person.

Doesn’t sound good right? So, if you are thinking of quitting smoking then congratulations! Your next step would be realizing your thought into reality by making baby steps towards cleansing out your body, especially your lungs.  It’s not going to be easy but with these steps, you’ll surely clear out your body successfully.

Find Your Reason

Having a reason enough to get you motivated is the very first step in successfully quitting smoking. There are many reasons to quit but there’s surely a reason or reasons to stop smoking, such as protecting your family from secondhand smoke or lower your risk of getting lung cancer. Whatever that may be, choose a reason enough to stop yourself from the urge to light up.

Prepare Before Going ‘Cold Turkey’

Cold turkey is someone who abruptly quitted smoking or any addiction. There is about 90% of people who tried to quit smoking without outside support such as therapy or medicine, and there’s only about 5 to 7 percent that has successfully quit on their own. Why? Because smoking is an addiction which is why you’ll surely go through withdrawal.

Now this is where outside support enters the scenario, go and ask your doctor about all the methods that will help you with your quitting and withdrawal symptoms. Quit-smoking classes, counseling, meditation, substance withdrawal drugs. These are all for the day you choose to quit smoking. For the medication, look for a chance to get substance withdrawal drugs coupon to help ease your budget.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a nicotine in the form of gum, patches, sprays, lozenges, or inhalers but other harmful substances like tobacco aren’t present. So, why consider this therapy? many studies have shown that because of NRT, the person who is addicted to smoking has doubled the chances of quitting.

This mainly due to the relieving of some of the physical withdrawal symptoms, making you focus on the psychological or emotional aspects of quitting.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Triggers

Think of how some smell triggers your cravings for a certain food. It is the same as the alcohol with cigarettes—it’s harder to stick to your no smoking goal when you are habitually drinking alcohol. In order for you to push through your goal, try to limit your alcohol intake when you first quit. Same as if you pair your smoking with drinking coffee then switch it to tea and other activities.

Detoxifying Your Home

Erase the traces of your last smoked cigarette by tossing your ashtrays, lighters, and washing any clothes, carpets, draperies that smells like smoke. It is best for you to air out these things and use air fresheners to get rid of the scent of a cigarette. This is done so that you won’t be reminded of your smoking days and focus on your no-smoking goal.

Get Moving

Exercising greatly helps your withdrawal symptoms and cravings while you are on progress with your no-smoking agenda. One of the tips if you are craving to light up a cigarette is to put on your jogging shoes and start running or walking. This is due to the increase in your body’s metabolism rate when you exercise, leading you to burn up nicotine faster and detoxifying your body through your sweat.

Lean on Your Loved Ones

Having someone to confide to is one of the great things to have especially if you are trying to break off a bad habit since your loved ones can encourage you to make you keep on going. Additionally, joining a support group or counseling will help you in your step by step progress in quitting smoking, so it is better for you to really ask for help from other people.

Learn to Manage Your Stress

When you ask some people why they first smoke, you might hear about curiosity, peer pressure, or because it makes them feel relaxed. Now, if you start smoking because of the latter then you should seek new ways to unwind—which you will have plenty of options, such as exercising, meditating, treating yourself to a massage, or making time for your hobby.


Remember that you aren’t the only one in this battle and many people have tried several times before completely giving up smoking. Keep in mind that progress is more important than time since this isn’t a contest you need to win. Additionally, to help you ease your stress over financial burden, look for a chance to have a smoking cessation drug coupons to help you in your goal.


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