Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rachel Nicks is a 31 year old New Yorker who refuses to be put into a box. She’s a mind-body focused trainer, an actor, a doula, and believer in Kegels. Her catch phrase is actually, “Engage your Kegels!”

            As a teacher of barre (and also yoga and TRX), she believes in focusing on form and alignment when working out.  She believes that when you are properly aligned your workout becomes very intense and you constantly have to stay in touch with your body in order to achieve success. She also stresses the importance of your muscles feeling the pain and not in your joints.

            She’s also seen a lot exercises botched. Many women do not do planks and push–ups properly, so they don’t get all the benefits from them. The most common mistakes are women sticking their butts out or having their hands too close together. She recommends squeezing your buttocks and doing a Kegel while in plank – it makes a big difference.

            She also recommends always changing up your playlist to help keep the workouts interesting and engaging. Try having your partner or friend make a playlist for you.

            To help make the post-workout easier, she recommends sticking to a few simple products to clean up and look fresh after a sweaty workout.  By keeping small products in your bag and keeping the routine simple (think hair, skin and deodorant) saves you a lot of time.

            For more tips on how to do pelvic floor exercises, click here.


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