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When you have been told by your physician that you are a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery for weight loss, you may have number of questions to be answered before you actually visit a bariatric doctor’s clinic and undergo the surgery. The most important thing is you will be more than likely wondering that what bariatric surgery really is and what is involved in it.

You will also need to know how to prepare yourself for the bariatric surgery and you will probably have a keen interest to know the risks associated with this treatment. The more prepared you are for the bariatric treatment, the more able you will be to go through the procedure without facing any major problem and most importantly, you will begin losing the extra weight that has been irritating you for most of your life.

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Bariatric surgery is literally the last step in your struggle to lose excess body weight. If you are morbidly obese i.e. if you are 100 or more pounds overweight, you are a suitable candidate for bariatric weight loss surgery. However, there are situations when the patient is too obese to undergo bariatric surgery safely. In order to be a suitable bariatric candidate, an individual must follow a restricted diet and start exercising. This helps you lose enough weights to have the bariatric procedure performed without the risk of added dangers.

There are many different facts about bariatric surgery that you will need to know before you actually undergo the procedure. You should make sure that all concerns about this surgery have been well taken care prior to the surgery to make sure that you know everything about the surgical process and what to expect. This helps you to lose the extra weight in a healthy way.

Stomach is Not Removed in a Bariatric Surgery:

People have a misconception that your stomach or part of it is removed when you have a bariatric surgery. However, this is wrong and no such procedure in involved in this surgery. Actually, your stomach is stapled or a band is inserted to make the stomach hold less food. This is normal process and only performed under the supervision of experienced bariatric surgeon.

Patients Will Laid Up for Couple of Weeks:

Another common myth about bariatric surgery is that patients need to be laid up for several months following the surgery. However, the fact is, for most bariatric surgeries, an individual will only be laid for a couple of weeks. After that patients can go back to their normal daily routine.

Bariatric Patients Need to Follow a Strict Diet:

People think that they will not need to follow a diet chart following the bariatric surgery. Nevertheless, bariatric patients not only need to follow a strict calorie specific diet following the surgery, but they will probably need to maintain a diet chart prior to the surgery as well.

Exercise is Essential:

Once the surgery is done, patients should get exercise everyday to lose weight more quickly. Exercise is important since it will help the skin of bariatric patients to become smooth and well toned.


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