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As you get older a lot of changes come in your body, the bones become weak as the body loses calcium and muscles starts to loosen up. The hands become shaky and there are a lot of times when you might try to hold something and it would just slide from your hand. Not just by age, there are a lot that changes when you meet with an accident. If you’ve ever met with an accident and fractured your hand, you’d realize that your wrist must have been loosing grip this may happen because it would have been plastered for over a month and movement does not happen with an ease. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, then the ability to hold something reduces. For improving the grip of your hand you would have to follow the given exercises.

There are certain hand exercises  that you can do to improve your grip:

  1. Towel exercise: for this you’ll be required to take a bath towel. Then roll the towel in half and then press it firmly and release. You need to repeat this for 10 to 15 times. This would help improve the movement of the forearm that is in contraction and relaxation, and the grip of the finger improves.

  1. Hand grippers: they are easily available in the market with different sizes and weights, if you haven’t used it, then you start with the minimum weight that is 60lbs or whichever you find appropriate. You may try to relax and contract your hand or hold it for the set period of time. You should always consult a physiotherapist and follow what he guides you the best.

  1. Stretching a band: you may try to stretch a band for as long as you can or try to hold it at the set distance. This exercise helps to improve the functioning of fingers and forearm.

  1. Squeezing soft balls: you may try to hold and press firmly soft sponge or rubber balls that help to improve your holding capacity. The contraction and relaxation of the wrist enhance the grip of your hand. This is also beneficial for the patients of arthritis and also for the patients with high blood pressure!

  1. Try to hold hex-hold dumbbells and lift them up for about 30 seconds, this shall be done when guided by a physiotherapist. As they are heavy so if you have shoulder or any type of a back pain, then you should avoid this or do only when prescribed.

  1. Pinch grip: for this, you need to try to hold an object and make sure it does not fall. This helps you enhance your holding skills. This is a very good exercise for Arthritis patients and for the patients who have recently got the plaster removed.

While working on your hand grip you can also control your BP!

Yes, you can improve your high blood pressure while working on your hand grip. High blood pressures are the major cause of heart attacks or strokes. It also causes problem  in your eyesights. But just by doing hand grip exercise you can overcome your high blood pressure or hypertension by approximately 10 percent! As you exercise, the blood vessels- arteries and the veins expand, lowering the high pressure.

The exercise shall not be done or shall be strictly avoided by the patients who have uncontrolled blood pressure. You may visit our physiotherapy center in Indore for consultation!


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