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Shakeology is mainly sold by the Team Beachbody in the United States and Canada. To purchase online, some protocol has to be kept in check in order to make sure that the decision made, product preferred and means of payment are executed with integrity. If you want to place an order, consider the following things:

  1.      Select your flavor:  Everyone has his own taste and preferences and thus it is certain that everyone will choose a taste that seems nice to him. These flavor options are found in the Shakeology order page. Determine which one is the best for you and click on it to proceed.
  2.      Determine the packing size: There are two packaging options; i.e., 30 servings and 24 single-serve. Go for the 30 servings as it is the best deal for that amount of money.
  3.      Select the type of order you are familiar with:  This is where the type of transaction and payments methods available are considered. One may saves some of his cash here. By choosing Monthly Auto-ship, it puts you in line to receive monthly shipment at a discount. You can select the one-time order as well.
  4.      Add the selected item to the cart: Once you have selected the desired one, click on add to cart and your item will be ready for order. When satisfied with the item in the cart and there is nothing else you would like to order, simply click on the checkout button which is in the right side of the cart button.
  5.      The Checkout button takes you to the log in page where account details are entered to access the Team Beachbody account for registered account holders. If you are a new buyer, click on the checkout button just below the log in button.
  6.      Checkout, checkout: This option is for new customers that enables them to create an account by providing relevant information about healthy guide, like emails and location descriptions to facilitate shipping. This way, an account with the relevant online shop can be created.
  7.     After creating an account, the payment information is uploaded. Credit card numbers are inserted and ascertained.
  8.   After confirming the information, you may now place the order. Any notifications by Shakeology will be reached to you by email.

Once the account has been created, you can order Shakeology anywhere from the USA, Canada or Australia where the Team Beachbody shops are found. There are other ways of buying Shakeology products apart from the process above.

Alternate flavors: If your desire to change flavors arise, you could select and order that flavor by calling Shakeology.

Combination of flavors: Perhaps you want to try out different flavors to determine the one you can stick with for long. Don’t worry, you desire can be taken care of since you can combine various flavors in the combination boxes and place the order.

You can also enhance your experience by ordering some extra items, like premium shaker cup for weight loss, premium hybrid shaker bottle and Shakeology super sampler.


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