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Bike trainers offer different types that can provide special features that you are actually considering in the first place. Buying indoor bike trainer stand, or if you’re planning to get an upgrade, may call for a better understanding on how they work. Aside from the different brands, budget and resistance capabilities, you will be able to establish the best equipment for your needs. And to help you decide, we have summed up some of the important things to look at before buying a particular brand.

Types of Indoor Bike Trainers

There are actually different types of trainers to choose from, most of them looks actually the same while some have completely different function. Prices differ too depending on the mechanical feature of the bicycle trainer which determines the level of resistance that the user can enjoy.

Wind Type – pedaling with your bike produces power to the fan. This means that the harder you work on it, the higher the resistance level you will get.

Pros: this type of trainers are one of the cheapest that you can find in the market. The design is simple but it is also durable equipment.

Cons: this however is the noisiest of all as well, so if you usually do your workout in a small place, chances are other people will hear it too.

Magnetic Type – instead of using a fan, magnetic indoor bike trainers have magnetic flywheels that provide better resistance.

Pros: this offers a much quieter operation compared to wind types. Resistance can also be adjusted according to your preferences.

Cons: definitely more expensive than wind trainers, although it offers adjustable resistance, most users still find it limited.

Fluid Type – its mechanism is somehow similar to that of a magnetic type but the fluids are what tune the level of resistance that the biker can get.

Pros: it provides the best riding experience that is almost very similar to riding a traditional bike outdoors. Has more level of resistance to offer and is the quietest of all.

Cons: Fluid bike trainers are vulnerable to overheating which may lessen its lifespan. It is also the most expensive type of indoor trainers.

Roller Type Indoor bike rollers requires balancing from its users since the design is completely different from the other tree. It lies on the floor with three cylinders where in you have to balance the bicycle on top.

Pros: mimics an outdoor biking experience and enhances biking skills such as balancing.

Cons: beginners may have a hard time riding roller trainers for the first few time. It takes a lot of practice to avoid falling.

Indoor Bike Trainer Performance

Overall, you will need particular equipment that delivers better performance so that you can benefit from it the most. This is where most bike trainer reviews are for so that you can determine if a specific brand you’re eyeing on is worth your investment and is the best bike trainer that you can get. Some brands provide a smoother operation compared to others, and depending on the type of bike trainer that you wanted to have, the experience would also differ from one to the other.

Storage and Portability

In most bike trainer reviews, users were really happy to know that some products can be folded for easier storage. This is also a best feature to consider especially if you will be traveling to different places with your trainers.


It is very important to make sure that the indoor bicycle trainer you select is compatible with the bike or bikes that you will be using. There are times where in the bikes have different measurements and knowing if the trainer has some adjustments to accommodate others would be a plus.


See to it that the product you are getting is made of sturdy material that can last for a long time. Reading on some great bike trainer reviews will give you better options to choose from. This also promotes safety of the rider all the time.


Depending on where you would usually do your training, consider the level of noise that your trainer will have. Some indoor trainers produce loud noise that even watching in front of a television seems impossible while some are really quiet.


Lastly, set your reasonable budget for the purchase. By doing so, you can narrow down your choices right away and saves you time looking on those that you cannot afford.

Indoor Bike trainers have been one of the best inventions that we have nowadays to improve on our biking skills. Not only it can let you train in case of bad weather but it also is a good form of exercise for its users. Although there are so many trainers to choose from and everyone seems to be looking for the best bike trainer, know that everybody has their own preferences on what really works for them.



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