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When you find yourself in a situation of an upcoming drug test you haven’t had time to prepare for, synthetic urine can be your savior Urine test safe often strictly monitored but you can beat them by using a quality substitute urine that will appear to be your own and can help ensure that your life is not altered by a failed drug test.. Here are the reasons why the alternative urine you are using during the test should be of superior quality.

PH test

For your artificial urine to pass the pH test, it must be of unquestionable quality. The pH test is done to ascertain whether the urine you provide for a test is real or fake. You must, therefore look for a quality manufacturer with proven experience and expertise in this field. The pH level of normal urine lies between the range of 4 and 8 on the pH scale.  You must ensure that the urine you buy can stand the test of pH and be within the required range or close to the range. When you achieve the required pH, you are more likely to beat the drug test.


In some serious cases, the temperature range of your urine is measured when more clarity on authenticity is required. Low quality artificial urine cannot beat the temperature test.  To be on the safe side, your substitute urine should have a temperature range between 89 and 100 degrees. You should look for synthetic urine that meets the required temperatures. To achieve the said temperature, the urine must be produced by a proficient manufacturer who knows what is required for the urine to maintain and achieve the needed temperature range.

Urine minerals

The urine must also pass the test of all the minerals present in typical human urine.  The minerals include uric acid, nitrates, and urea.  For the urine to pass the test of whether it is genuine or not, it must have the above minerals present.  You must therefore look for a qualified manufacturer of substitute urine who can professionally incorporate those minerals at the required levels. When any of the essential minerals of urine are missing, the authenticity of the urine you provided for a test will be questioned. To avoid suspicion and embarrassment, you should look for a quality urine substitute for the real thing.


Color and smell

The first test before going into finer details of your urine will be color and smell. The color of the urine you present must be reminiscent of actual urine.  It should also have a smell of real urine to fend off chances of being suspected that it is fake. Either smell or color will be the first thing to qualify that you have not dodged the test by giving fake urine.

 Synthetic urine offers a solution for you when you get it from a quality manufacturer. Don’t ruin your future when you can preserve it by using an available alternative to pass a drug test.


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