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If your tooth decays or cracks for any reason, there is a chance that the cavity may develop a bacterial infection which can affect the pulp. When you visit a dentist with a dispensary in Clinton, Maryland to examine it, such an expert will first assess its present condition and decide on whether a filling is the right solution. However, if the infection becomes too severe, it may not be possible for such a professional to treat it via traditional means. In such a situation, he/she can opt to extract the tooth or carry out a root canal.

Clinton dentist – All you need to know about root canal treatments

Prominent experts point out that there is a misconception among the public that a root canal treatment can be very painful. Even recent research on the topic shows that the most people are usually nervous of opting for such a procedure. However, these professionals explain that the discomfort individuals experience while undergoing such a dental operation is similar to having a filling. They go on to say a dentist may recommend such a treatment to his/her patients when he/she notices the following symptoms:

  • Swelling around the gums of the tooth;
  • The patient has difficulty opening his/her mouth or eating food because of the bacterial infection;
  • A foul taste emits from the region of the tooth in question; and
  • The patient suffers from fever as a result of the infection.

During the root canal treatment, a Clinton dentist with adequate skill, knowledge and experience administers anesthesia to his/her patient so that he/she experiences as little discomfort as possible. The expert then proceeds to insert a hole in the infected tooth to gain access to the pulp and extract it. He/she cleans the cavity with a disinfecting agent and seals the hole. After this, he/she inserts a dental crown over the tooth to protect it.

3 important advantages of a root canal treatment

Such experts go on to explain the following important benefits of taking a root canal treatment under the supervision of a proficient dentist:

  1. Relief from pain

Most people are aware of the excruciating experience of a toothache. In many cases, the pain prevents them from doing their normal chores properly and getting a good night’s sleep. A root canal treatment can go a long way in reliving them of such discomfort.

  1. Substitute to tooth extraction

Dentists generally recommend their patients to undergo a root canal procedure to treat bacterial infection of the pulp in the tooth. In the opinion to such experts this is a better option to extracting the individual’s tooth and create gaps in his/her smile. There is also a possibility of further complication arising from the loss of the tooth.

  1. Improves the patient’s overall health

There is always a risk the bacterial infection in the pulp of a patient’s tooth can spread to other regions of his/her mouth if he/she get the proper treatment on time. This is can be detrimental to his/her overall health in the long-run.

Opting for a root canal treatment under the guidance of a proficient Clinton dentist is only way you can save your tooth from a bacterial infection of the pulp. Such an expert can ensure that there are no gaps in your smile and use able to use the tooth in question. This is better choice than having to extract it.


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