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Dentures are designed to cover up the empty spaces in a person’s jaw. A denture can be installed in the same space where a person once had natural teeth. If you lost a natural tooth due to an infection or an injury, you can get a denture installed in the same place. However, learning how to maintain the denture is very important. If you don’t maintain the denture properly, it won’t take long before the denture gets discoloured or starts breaking off. Here are a few tips to maintain your denture:

  • Talk to your dentist
  • Avoid using bleaching products
  • Take it to a specialist in case of damage

There are several companies that offer the best denture services in Camberley. You can contact any of these companies if you want to get your denture repaired or require any other service. Here are just some of the many common services that they provide to their customers.

Repairing the Denture

A common issue that occurs with common resin dentures is that they can get chipped or damaged over time. You can take the denture to a local laboratory that offers repairs. In most cases, the denture will be repaired and given back to you within 15-20 minutes.

New Dentures

If you want to get a new denture made, you can also visit a local laboratory and give them the measurements for the new denture. They will ask for a deposit and then get the new denture made. These are some common services that they offer to their customers.




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