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Both braces and Invisalign are devices that are used for straightening the teeth, and knowing which is suitable for you is of vital importance. Braces have a long history and are usually made from wire and held together by wire and elastic bands, with many teenagers having them fitted to improve their appearance by straightening the teeth. Invisalign is designed to be invisible, which many wearers prefer, and before you choose, here is some useful information to help you make an informed decision.

Removable Invisalign

The biggest advantage to having Invisalign fitted is that they can be removed, which is great for brushing after meals. Some dentists would comment that braces are permanent and the patient cannot remove them, which practically guarantees success. That is to say, if you select Invisalign, you must have the discipline to wear them, otherwise they will not be effective in straightening your teeth.

Pain and Discomfort

There is an element of pain or discomfort with wearing both devices, and this is hardly surprising when you realise that your teeth are constantly being pushed, and this causes a dull ache. Most people report this only lasts a few weeks and you can always take some painkillers if it becomes too intense.

Consult an Orthodontist

The only way to really know which type to opt for, is to let an orthodontist examine your teeth and he or she can recommend the best solution. If you are concerned about your appearance, Invisalign would be your best choice, and with regular adjustment sessions, your smile can be enhanced in a matter of months. If you would like to have a perfect smile, and live in Western Australia, Harmony Orthodontics have several clinics and specialise in both types of treatment.

Unaffected Speech

This is one of the advantages of Invisalign, as your speech is unimpaired, making this an ideal choice for public speakers, while braces do affect one’s speech to a small degree, this soon disappears as we become accustomed to the foreign object. If you are in WA, and looking for invisible braces in Perth, there are excellent online clinics that specialise in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry.

The Advantages of Braces

It isn’t cut and dried as to which is best, and there are many situations when braces are the better solution. For complex cases, braces are often the best option, and the fact that they cannot be removed by the patient, is in some cases, better, as it increases the chances of success. Braces also produce results quicker than the clear aligners, so if you don’t want to wear them for a long time, braces might be the best choice.


Having straight teeth definitely gives your self-confidence a boost, and it isn’t just children that wear braces or aligners, with many adults realising they can improve their smile by wearing braces for a while. Your smile defines you, so make the best of it by having your teeth realigned, and life will take a turn for the better.


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