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Staying healthy is important, but at the same time somewhat difficult. Our bodies have been designed and have evolved to deal with many illnesses, heal wounds, and efficiently regenerate damage. However, there are still many discomforts that our bodies are not very good at combatting. In order to fight these things, we’ve resorted to medicine and other types of health care to fix what nature could not. Medicine for a cold, Band-Aids to prevent infections from cuts, and incredible advances in stem-cell research allow us to overcome these difficulties. And believe it or not, Botox is also found in the ranks of these health care treatments.

The Miracle of Botox

Botox is generally associated with lip fillings, or with facial injections for aesthetics and beauty, but believe it or not, Botox also has some medical application to it as well.

Now here’s a little fact about Botox; it’s actually a toxin. If you it is digested, it can lead to certain health risks. However, its application, having nothing to do with digestion or consumption is absolutely safe. While mostly it is used a way to smoothen old or damaged skin, its medical application is also quite amazing.

A prominent medical use for Botox NYC is to help people, who constantly suffer from migraines. Migraine is a disorder, which causes perpetual headaches, affecting a parts of the brain, when certain neuro-sensors don’t function properly. The headaches in turn can cause nausea, sickness, and even vomiting, if they reach a certain point.

Many different ways of dealing with migraines exist, however one of them is actually a Botox injection. Studies have shown, that after receiving a Botox injection in the head, people with perpetual migraines have claimed to feel less headaches throughout the month, with symptoms feeling clearly lighter, even crystal clear. Additionally, they have reported many more days where they did not feel any pain whatsoever, after receiving Botox injections. Doctors believe, that the Botox injection actually blocks the neurotransmitters that are carrying the sensation of pain from reaching the head, thereby, lessening the pain, or even stopping it for a certain period of time.

The Treatments

The treatments themselves, however, take some time to help relieve the pain received from migraines. There are several injections that a patient must receive, in a span of 12 weeks. Altogether, treating a migraine with Botox may require 30 to 40 shots in total, throughout those 12 weeks. Any particular area in the head that may be hurting more than other areas may require more injections. The injections are actually done to the head and the neck, and must receive these injections from doctors who are trained to inject Botox for migraine treatment, as opposed to the standard aesthetical injections for fillings and wrinkles.

As you can see, Botox, aside from being a miracle beauty product, also carries certain medical benefits. You too can sign up for a treatment if you’ve been suffering from migraines, just make sure to speak to your doctor about before signing up for a treatment.


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