Tuesday, June 25, 2019

E-cigarettes and vaping are moving the entire world from one harmful substance to something much safer. While the vape nation movement is working on encouraging others to put down the tobacco, there are still some who believe e-cigarettes act as a placebo. The same people also believe that vaping won’t reduce their stress. There are many benefits in choosing e-cigarettes over tobacco smoking that could turn even the biggest non-believer into an advocate.

What’s in an E-Cigarette?

First, let’s take a look at what an e-cigarette contains. The average e-cigarette contains three ingredients, including one that can change due to the user preference. The three primary ingredients include:

Juice – A major component of an e-cigarette is the juice that’s inside. An extremely safe substance, this juice is made of vegetable glycerine and is commonly found in other household products like food, cosmetics and more.

Propylene glycol – The second ingredient found in nicotine-free e-cigarettes is propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an ingredient that creates the thick smoke effect when exhaling. Adding this gives the illusion that the user is still smoking cigarettes, causing a type of placebo that reduces stress.

Flavouring – Lastly, a driving force in the vaping movement is the flavour. While it’s entirely optional, that once disgusting aftertaste can have a fruity or sweet replacement. There are many e-liquid flavours on the market including dessert, drink, and fruit flavours. Some of these fruit flavours include:

  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Pineapple

While the flavouring is a benefit within itself, there are many others that potential users should view before making the life-changing jump.

Advantages of Using an E-cigarette

There are many underlying benefits in choosing an e-cigarette over your standard tobacco usage and it goes far beyond the health of your lungs. Other advantages include:

Never worrying about your lighter – That’s right! You no longer have to worry about someone stealing or you losing your lighter. When you have an e-cigarette, you just turn it on and the heating coil within will give you the steamy flavour of your choice.

You can reuse e-cigarettes – Another huge benefit of smoking e-cigarettes over normal cigarettes is the amount of money you can save by making the switch. Not only are e-cigarettes reusable, but the cartridges and replacements are much cheaper. Save thousands of dollars per year by making the switch.

You can use them in smoke-free areas – Because they aren’t using nicotine, you can use e-cigarettes anywhere you desire. Non-smoking areas pertain to nicotine products because of the dangers of secondhand smoke and the unattractive smell.

A reduction in fire hazards – According to the United States’ National Fire Protection Association, more than 4,000 injuries and deaths every year are from the misuse of a real cigarette, causing an area or home to erupt in flames. In choosing a reputable e-cigarette company, this potential is no longer active.

A reduction in health issues – Overall, your health can benefit incredibly from the switch from nicotine to non-nicotine e-cigarettes. You can expect to see an improvement in your cholesterol, breathing, and overall daily function when choosing an e-cigarette.

Choose an e-cigarette to reduce the hazard of injury, to smell better, and to have an overall better appeal towards yourself and others. E-cigarettes improve health, well-being, and act as a placebo in order for you to kick the dangerous habit.


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