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I have been a swim trainer for the past 10 years in North Richland and the most common trouble which my swimmers face is swimming in a straight line. Swimming is not at all an easy job and in order to be an expert in this, one needs to do a lot of practice. Most of the swimmers these days get trained in the pools and hence, they all use the lane lines and the bottom markings to know whether or not they are swimming in a straight line. These visuals help the swimmers to correct their swimming line whenever they start going out of it. However, for regular swimmers, the inability to swim in a straight line is something very embarrassing. In case they are asked to swim in open water, various problems may arise simply because they can’t swim in a straight line.

Swimming is Circles is Common

No swimmer has a perfect symmetrical stroke and one arm can always reach a bit further to one side or one leg can have a much stronger kick than the other. If the swimmers are swimming in open waters, it is more likely that they will end up swimming in circles. The length of their circle will depend on the distance they are covering, however, this will simply add more time to the swimming. So, how can these swimmers correct their symmetry and start swimming in a straight line? Let us now see!

A Few Drills to Straighten Swim Strokes

Correcting swimming strokes take a lot of time as well as patience. Also, everybody cannot learn it in the same way. So, a few drills are important in order to reinforce swimming in a straight line. Find below some of these:

  • Swim Blind: You should try to complete at least 10 swim strokes by keeping your eyes closed. This way, you will learn to swim down the center of the pool by staying directly above the centerline.
  • Kick and Spin 180: Here, you will have to kick while rotating on the water by 180 degrees. By removing your arms from the equation and forcing a full-body rotation, you will have to grasp your elbows with opposite hands, above your head. Regardless of your position inside the water, your arms should remain absolutely immobile throughout this drill. You now have to try to swim with your legs, torso, hips and shoulder, by avoiding your arms. This way, slowly and gradually, your placement will be corrected.
  • Five Stroke Sighting: Here, you will have to keep your eyes closed for the first four strokes and then open them at the fifth one. This is a great drill to improve the symmetry of the swimmers who usually swim in the open waters.
  • Remove Lane Lines: Ask the swim trainer to remove the lane lines. Try to swim in a triangle inside the pool. Also, your trainer should record your swim in order to know how much improvement you have made. If it’s your child whom you wish to teach swimming in a straight line, you need to talk to his/her trainer well before starting with the drills.

Drill and Swim in a Straight Line

If you are in North Richland and if you wish to get your child or yourself admitted to regular North Richland hills swimming lessons, then keeping in mind the above mentioned points can be of great help.  Practice makes a man perfect and once you start practicing the drills, you will slowly grab a hold of swimming in a straight line. When you or your kid will swim in a pool, these drills can work wonders!

However, do not do anything in haste. You need to be patient and give it, at least, a month’s time. Only then you or your child will be able to swim in a straight line, properly, without any help.


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